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You asked. We answered!

When is the deposit due?

At the time the contract is signed, a $200 non refundable deposit is taken. The deposit will secure your wedding day as well as book your trial. The initial deposit will cover the cost of your trial. At the time of the trial, if you are completely satisfied with the artists, another deposit of $200 will be taken to lock in the same artists for the trial and the wedding day. The additional $200 deposit will go towards your day of services. 

Is the deposit refundable?


The $200 deposit is non refundable but we’re not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. If you were unhappy with the original outcome of your trial or the artists, Pin Me Up would provide a complimentary retrial with the same or completely new artists.  

Do I have to pay for a trial?


Yes.  You’ll be receiving the same service for the trial as well as the wedding day.

Can I schedule a trial without signing a contract?


Unfortunately no. We do require a contract prior to scheduling a trial in order to guarantee artists for the date you’ve requested. If for some reason you weren’t completely satisfied at the trial we would work with you directly to figure out the next steps.

When should I schedule my trial?


We advise booking your trial 2-4 months prior to the big day. At the time of the trial we like to finalize headcount, timing and all day of details, so having trials too far advance prevents accuracy. 

How long should I plan for the trial?


You’ll be with the artists for about 2 hours if your trial is for both hair and makeup. You’ll be working with your hair and makeup team and they want to make sure you absolutely love your look!

Do you travel for trials?


While we are happy to travel on your wedding day we do not travel for trials. At the trial we will be collecting important information, working at a proper work station and with proper lighting for your best wedding day plan. 

When is the remaining balance due?


The final balance for all services plus gratuity will be charged to the single credit card on file the Wednesday prior to the event. At this time, final headcount is due.

Are there any group discounts or outside of season discounts?


As our freelancers provide the same level service regardless of the situation we do not offer discounts for our services regardless of date, location or headcount.

Do you have any minimums for services?

We are proud to say that we do not have any minimums for services!

How many artists will I have at my event?


Depending on headcount and timing, our rough rule of thumb is 1 artist per every 8 ladies needing services. Adding additional artists may accrue a fee. Accommodations can be made on an individual basis.


Can I see the artists portfolios?

As we are a freelance agency with 50+ artists, individual portfolios are not available; however, please check out our social media for images of our work!

IG HANDLE: @pinmeupchicago


Can I choose my artists?


The rough answer for this one is no. Our artists are assigned based on timing, headcount and location. While some of our artists have cars and travel to the suburbs, some artists do not. If you did have a special request we’re definitely happy to do our best.


What if I want to change the credit card on file?


We’re happy to edit the card on file as long as we have the updated card by the Wednesday prior to the event.


How much time is needed per person?


Please allow 30 minutes per person per service. Ideally, don’t have an individualized schedule. If your party is ready to go with dry hair and clean faces, the getting ready process will be quick and seamless! Our skilled artists are there to walk the party through every step of the way. 


Do I have to pay for technician parking?


Technician parking is required. We do not charge a travel fee as long as the services are within 30 miles of our salon, rather we charge parking for the artists. If you’re getting ready at a hotel, valet parking is required. If you’re getting ready in a home, street/metered/parking garage parking is required. Check with your hotel as many hotels will compensate vendor parking.

Do the artists travel together in the same car?


As our artists are coming from their respective homes they do all travel individually.

Is gratuity already included?


Gratuity is not included in the service price but we do add 20% gratuity to the grand total on the contract which will be taken care of the week of the wedding. No funds or gratuity are taken on site.


Can the girls pay cash on location?


For safety purposes, our freelancers are unable to accept cash on site.

What if I need to change the headcount?


We expect changes! Don’t panic. We can modify up until 2 weeks prior to the event.

What should I have available in the room on the day of for the artists?

The makeup artist need a higher bar height chair or stool and the hairstylist needs a normal desk or table height chair. They typically will arrive and rearrange the furniture to find the best lighting and the most comfortable set up for you and your girls.


Are additional services allowed on the day of?

As long as timing allows we are happy to provide additional services.

What is the difference between airbrush or traditional makeup?


Airbrush versus traditional makeup is a personal preference. Airbrush makeup is a bit more full coverage whereas traditional makeup is a bit more natural. Your makeup artist can assess your skin and give recommendations at the time of your trial.


If I had traditional makeup at the trial can I upgrade to airbrush on the day of?


Absolutely! Any add ons or upgrades will be charged to the card on file 2 business days after your event.


Are lashes included with makeup applications?


Lashes are $10 and can be paid directly to the artist on the day of or can be added to the contract.

Can we provide our own lashes?


If you have a set of lashes you love you’re more than welcome to use your own lashes; however, the lash application is still at the same $10 price point to compensate for the makeup artists time.


What products do the makeup artists use?

Our glam squad uses the highest quality products in their professional kits to create flawless looks for brides and their parties


How should everyone have their hair on the day of? 


Everyone in your party should have completely dry hair upon arrival. One day dirty hair is ideal for most hair textures. If clients have wet hair and require a blow out prior to services, additional charges may occur.


Do the hair stylists work with extensions?


Yes! If extensions are needed for your look there are clip ins or semi permanent options available. A hair extension consultation can also be scheduled during or before your trial if you think the style you’re trying to achieve will require extensions. For bridesmaids, please make sure the extensions are completely dry and combed through. Wet or tangled extensions could be charged an additional fee.


Should I straighten my hair first if it is curly? 


Typically hair curls and styles better in its natural state. If the hair is flat ironed, the curl may not hold as well. Our hair stylists are versed in all hair textures so straightening curly hair for ease of styling is typically not necessary.

Should I have a fresh haircut before the trial?


A consultation can address all the prep your hair may need before the big day.  Our artists can refer you the right person for any other additional services you may need. 

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